Registration for Resources of Resistance

Edward Burtynsky, 'Manufacturing #17", Deda Chicken Processing Plant, Dehui City, Jilin Province, 2005. Uploaded onto Flickr Stephanie Uijtdewilligen

Registration for the conference is now available through Eventbrite.

The link includes details for presenters and non-presenting attendees.

Non-presenting attendees are very welcome and we hope that the conference will be an opportunity for lively and productive debate on a range of issues relating to resources in the postcolonial world and capitalist world-system.

We now have three confirmed keynotes: Professor Jennifer Wenzel (University of Minnesota), Dr Sharae Deckard (University College Dublin) & Dr Anthony Carrigan (University of Leeds).

Panel topics include:

  • Alternative aesthetics of/as resources of resistance
  • Non-human animals and conservation systems
  • Imagining consumption and the politics of food
  • Land, water, oil, and (non-)sustainability
  • Spaces of local resistance and control

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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